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Hotspot Redesign


The Hotspot page is used to set up the experience that customers see when they visit a business and sign in to their WiFi. The page is part of a larger dashboard that business owners (merchants) use to manage the WiFi experience, get insight on customer behaviour, and send emails and promotions to customers.

The main features of the Hotspot page are:

  • Visualizing the Hotspot experience that customers will see.
  • Styling and customizing the look and feel of the Hotspot.
  • Setting labels which are applied to customers when they visit during certain times (this allows merchants to then target customers with emails based on those labels).
  • Adding a survey that gets presented to a customer as they sign in( this allows the merchants to collect more information from customers and apply labels based on the answers).

This re-design of the Hotspot page was done as part of a larger re-design of the entire Zenreach dashboard.

The original design. 1) Landing page for the Hotspot, 2) The main edit page showing the screens they can edit, 3) Adding, editing and removing labels, 4) Adding or editing a survey.


  • The main features are buried (managing labels and surveys).
  • There are a lot of settings and styling options which most merchants don’t use that complicate the experience.
  • Our Account Management team spends a lot of time setting up and updating content for our merchants.
  • There is no visibility when it comes to metrics for labels and survey results.
  • We don’t notify merchants when there’s an issue with their WiFi router.

Design Solution

  • Shows a preview of the Hotspot experience.
  • Includes relevant metrics on the home page (router status, label and survey usage).
  • Has a basic set of styling options that are easy to use with an advanced option available.
  • Allows easy access to updates that a merchant would want to do, like adding Labels and editing the Survey.


This prototype shows the new Hotspot page design, the information a merchant can see, and how they can update the styling, labels, and survey.

Design Details

WiFi Router Status

The router is how customers get access to free WiFi at a business, and how merchants collect contact information from customers. If the router is down, sometimes the merchant doesn’t know until a customer complains. We’ve also noticed that merchants are less likely to churn if they have a working router and are collecting customer contact information (which they then use to connect with their customers and bring them back to their business).

Below are how we communicate to merchants the status of their router:

(Left) When a merchant first signs up and their WiFi router is en-route. (Right) The router status when it’s live and responsive.
(Left) The router status when it’s idle, for example turning the power off overnight. (Right) The router status when there hasn’t been a response for 72 hours.

Labels are a very useful feature for merchant since it allows them to target their emails better depending on the customer behaviour (specifically when they’ve visited their business).

Below is the flow for a merchant to create their first label:

Once a label has been created, the home page includes a chart with stats on how many people the label has been applied to. It also include a shortcut directly to the “Label” section on the Edit page, where they can add more labels, edit existing ones, or remove ones they no longer need.

1) On the home page we show stats for the labels that are active and being applied to new customers, 2) The full list of labels that are available (including ones scheduled for a future data), 3) The dialog with all the settings available for creating a label.

A survey allows a merchant to collect more information about their customers to target their emails better depending on their answers.

Below is the flow for a merchant to create a survey:

Once a survey has been created, the home page includes a chart with stats with the breakdown of answers to the survey. It also include a shortcut directly to the “Survey” section on the Edit page, where they can edit or disable the survey.

1) On the home page we show stats with the breakdown of answers; they can also preview the Survey on the home page using the arrows, 2) The settings for the survey questions a merchant can specify.
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