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designer, artist, tinkerer
Dialogue: for Patients
A better healthcare experience for Canadians
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Changing the way people stay connected
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Quick Reply
An automated questionnaires for patient triage
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Helping patients to take care of their families
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Connecting patients with the right doctors
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Dialogue: for Patients
A better healthcare experience for Canadians
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Dialogue: for Doctors
Improving the way doctors care for their patients
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Your all-in-one communication for gaming
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Helping small business owners engage with their customers
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Design Internships
Advice on how to land your first design internship.
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Epicurrence : A Catalyst for Change
An Epic experience on the mountains of Lake Tahoe.
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Developing a Design Mindset
Solving real problems for everyday people.
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Whatever amount you think is enough, double it.
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Make a neon sign
DIY your own realistic neon sign
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Clean design 

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My passion for design was ignited by psychology; how can we better understand human nature, and how can we use that knowledge to solve problems? With my curiosity as fuel, I cultivated a multi-disciplinary background of art, engineering and cognitive science to inform my solutions and guide my exploration.

When I’m not changing the healthcare industry at Dialogue, you can find me shaping clay on a pottery wheel, dipping my brush into watercolour, or practicing kung-fu.

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