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An automated questionnaires for patient triage

Product Design, Branding

Chat Questionnaires


As the medical team started having regular chats and consultations with patients, a pattern started to emerge. We noticed that they asked a lot of the same questions for similar concerns. When asked manually, it takes up time from our medical staff and there are often delays as they have to wait for a response and send the next question. So we looked at creating a convenient way to send automated questionnaires to patients and letting them answer on their own time.

The chat interface needed to allow for:

  • Automated set of answers. to choose from
  • Typing out a response
  • Taking a photo as a response

Design and Animation

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I've included a few key features that I worked on during my time at Dialogue. These show the complexity

Connecting patients with the right doctors
Helping patients to take care of their families
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An automated questionnaires for patient triage